#3 How I survived third class in Transsib to Novosibirsk!

Zdravstvuite from Sibiria! You wanna know why Russian women are much prettier than the men? And how I survived a vaccination in Russia? Read at the end of this text.

Let's go to Novosibirsk!
Let’s go to Novosibirsk!

Back to Transsib – this time I had a ticket for 3rd class to go to Novosibirsk. Before entering I was a bit nervous to be with so many people in a big smelly room on an upper berth but in the end it turned out to be even nicer than in 2nd class. I had more people to “talk” to (same problem with language again) and the Russian grandpa under me even spoke some English! Wow! His daughter lives in New York and he was on the way to his son in Vladivostok (almost next to Japan).

After my first snow in Ekaterinburg the landscape got more and more a white winter wonderland. This train was number 2 which says it is a better one, somehow the lower numbers are more comfortable and have nicer toilets as you can see 😉 more tips for Transsib you find on the page “Russia” here.

The night was quite good as well – thanks to my ear plugs and sleeping mask. Without it is a snoring orchestra à la Beethoven. 😀 Before arriving to Novosibirsk I had troubles with the time again so I discussed with the people in my cabin. It is so confusing because you are always travelling through the time zones and never know if it’s one or two hours to arrive at the destination. When I arrived in Novosibirsk which is the capital of Sibiria, my friends picked me up with a car from the train station which was really nice. These are the parents of my friend Karo with who I was in Australia (blog here) and which work in Novosibirsk at the German consulat.

First we went to the doctor because I forgot to get my typhus vaccination (Impfung) in Germany and I need it for the Asian countries. With the help of my friend and their Russian skills it all went really easy and fine. Just a little picks and done!

Afterwards we made a city tour and visited different places like the opera, city hall or even the beach which is crowded in summer when they have 30 degrees. There is not as much to see as in other cities and no real historical centre because Novosibirsk was only built for economic reasons and the Trans-Sibirian Railway. Today it is the third biggest city in Russia and the centre of Sibiria. While walking, my friends asked me if I know why women in Russia are much prettier and stylish than men. I had no idea. The answer is simple. There are much more women in Russia and that is why there is more competition to get a man. And the men just don’t care because they are sure to get a pretty woman easily (that’s why they wear sports suits all the time).

For dinner we went in a nice Russian restaurant and I had pelmeni “Novosibirsk style” and a yummy soup in bread. The next morning I had to wake up really early to catch my train to Krasnojarsk at 6 a.m. It is only a 10 hours’ drive, therefore I didn’t want to arrive or leave in the night. I wanted to see more of the country and landscape. In Krasnojarsk there should be a nice national park – so stay tuned!

3 thoughts on “#3 How I survived third class in Transsib to Novosibirsk!

  1. Have to admit the first line on why Russian women are better looking than the men caught the imagination and piqued our interest. Great journey you’re having!


  2. such nice photos and, from what I read, interesting adventures eheh transsib is in my dreams, I really want to do it someday, thank you for sharing your impressions 🙂 have fun! PedroL


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