#4 Winter hiking in Krasnojarsk

The view from the top
The view from the top

After Novosibirsk my journey is going to the third biggest town of Sibiria: Krasnojarsk. There was a beautiful national park waiting for me and Anton, a friend of my friend Daria from Moscow. The trip in the 3rd class was really good again, the winter landscape was beautiful and I had some Russians to talk and play with. Of course I lost every game.

Welcome to Krasnojarsk!

When I arrived, Anton picked me up from the train station and we went out for dinner and drinks. Krasnojarsk is a bit smaller city with the big river Jenissei which is on the 10 rubel note.

On Saturday we went with two other friends to the Stolby National Park. It is just 30 min by public bus and so beautiful. Luckily I got winter shoes from Anton because there was already snow everywhere and -2 degrees. We were hiking for about five hours and reached the top of the park. On the way back we took the ski lift which was so amazing.


On Sunday Anton was planning something really special. He took me to Skyfly because he had a coupon of his birthday for it. Before entering we had to get on special overalls. Our guide was so friendly and tried to explain everything in English for me as well. It is like flying with a parachute, strong air is blowing underneath you and it is not as easy to balance as it maybe looks like. (Video on YouTube Channel)

After this great weekend I almost missed my train to Irkutsk, but luckily made it in the last five minutes. In the region of the Baikal lake I will spend five days. I already have a friend who picks me up from the train station. But the journey in the train was not as nice as the previous ones. I was happy to have a meal included in my ticket but I got sick of it, my stomach hurt the whole night and I was alone in my cabin in 2nd class, I would have preferred to be in 3rd class and having more people around me. So the next days I have a bit of time to recover. By the way, Irkutsk is 6 hours ahead of German time.

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