#11 Terracotta Army and biking on Xi’an city wall

Taking the high speed train in China, visiting the terracotta army, sleeping on the floor and the question why the children have a hole in their pants – our adventurous 3 days in Xi’an. From Beijing my mum and I took the famous high speed train to Xi’an, our second stop of a three-weeks-travel through … More #11 Terracotta Army and biking on Xi’an city wall

#8 Mongolia – living with the nomads

Out of the city – On the road! Our tour through Mongolia started from Ulaanbaatar to „Hustai National Park“ where the wild Przewalski’s horses Takhi are living. A Dutch organisation reintroduced this special species back to their origin because they were threatened with extinction. In opposite to normal horses they have two more chromosomes. We … More #8 Mongolia – living with the nomads