#12 Pandas and nature in Chengdu

Cute pandas cuddeling
Cute pandas cuddeling

The province Sichuan with the capital Chengdu in the southwest of China is known for its traditional treasures and mountainous landscapes. We took the overnight train from Xi’an and there are not only 2 bed bucks but 3 to fit in all the Chinese! As we were the first ones who arrived in our “cabin” (it is all open like Russian third class) we could take the both lower beds. So the Chinese rule in the train is “first come, first saved”.

The people were even more not able to talk English then in Russia so we had almost no contact to foreigners except to one Iranian girl who lives in Melbourne. The night was quite okay but mum was suffering of a snoring man above us. Better take the earplugs!

The first evening we visited the People’s Park – the most beautiful park in Chengdu and it is for free! The next day we went to see the Pandas. Oh my god, they are sooo cute, I could watch them the whole day. Luckily our superfriendly receptionist from the hostel told us to go there early in the morning because later the pandas sleep, so we saw a lot of them active. The park there is very nice, too. There are big bamboo plants everywhere and fresh air in opposite to the crowded city. We really didn’t expect so many big city and so many people in China haha.

Sichuan province is famous for all the mountains. Actually we wanted to go the holy big mountain “Emei Shan” (3100 meters) but lots of people said we would need two days so we chose “Qingcheng Mountain” which is only a 45 minutes drive on the fast train and much cheaper, too. From the train station we took bus 101 to the park and walked a bit to the entrance. In China mountains are in special national park areas separated from the outside and with and entry fee of 45 Yuan for student ticket (7 Euro) in this case.

The scenery inside was really lovely. A little lake brought us to the cable car station. After we drove up there we walked through a couple of temples until we reached the top with a huge pagoda. Unfortunately it was quite cloudy because it is already autumn and high up in the mountains. The way down was fabulous with lots of old nature temple remains and green nature.

After mountain Qingcheng we still had some time and decided to go to the big water system of Dujiangyan which is more than 2000 years old and next to the mountain area (45 min drive by bus 101). In the nice park area were beautiful plants and flowers and big wooden bridges over the rivers of the water system.

The last evening we spent with a Chinese friend which we know through our friend Ling from Beijing. We had dinner together and went to the famous Jinli Street of Chengdu with shops, lights, lakes and food market. Next day we took the train to Chongqing where our cruise on the Yangtze River will start. Pictures of this beautiful nature area of China you can see in the next article! Stay tuned!


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