#15 Breathtaking Avatar Mountains in Zhangjiajie


Eleven hours in a fast food store and six hours in a shaking third-class-train? After our great cruise on the Yangtze river my mum and me had a really taff night in front of us. Luxus level down to zero. Because the last daytime train to our next destination departed slightly after we arrived by ship, so we had to take the sleeping train at 0:50 a.m. arriving already at 6 in the morning in our destination. For this we waited in a fast-food store at the train station for 11 hours, luckily with Wi-Fi so I could write my blog and organise some stuff. But then we thought we can really take these five hours of sleep but the train was shaking so much and in the middle of the night the flower vase with water fall from the table on my head and made my hair wet and everything… A little nightmare but finally we arrived in Zhangjiajie.

In this town in southern China we wanted go hiking in the national park of Wulingyuan and see the famous Avatar Mountain – the place where the movie got shot. In addition to the train story we took the wrong bus to the park, we had to go to another side of the area so we had to drive back and paid extra. Finally we found the right bus and we arrived in Yangjiajie where we got picked up from the man of our hostel.

I can highly recommend this hostel: Yangjiajie Inn (Booking.com) because it is a small family who is running it and they are sooo helpful and friendly. They make great dinner and have very nice rooms just 12 Euro (93 Yuan) a double room per night. For the first day they recommended us the route where to go and we were so fascinated by the first moment.

The next day we went more inside the park and saw really awesome rock formations and a natural bridge over two rocks. And we saw a lot of the wild monkeys who are living there – so cute. Additionally we were quite lucky with the weather because the days before it was very foggy the other people in our hostel told us. And in some way the fog gives this scenery a mystical atmosphere as well.

I was so impressed by the mountains and asked myself how nature can do these kind of things. It is more than 300.000 years old and got famous through the Avatar movie in 2009. (more info, Wikipedia)

The next day we already had to depart in direction to Shanghai. This day the weather was even better so I was even more upset to not hike in the mountain again. Although it all looks quite the same in the end there is so much to explore and it is so amazing to just watch it. Therefore we went with the family of our host to the markets which was interesting, too. This place was really one of the most amazing ones I have seen in China.


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