VLOG#2 – Christmas in Cambodia

My second VLOG – this time about the Christmas time in Cambodia: How did I celebrate in Siem Reap? Pool, potatoes or pastor? What shocked me in the first week of my volunteering at the NGO? How is Cambodian culture? What are the differences to Vietnam? Is Cambodia poorer?

After 20 regulary blog articles with text and pictures, I decided now to try out videoblogging and switch to VLOGS – hope you have fun! To watch the first video on the beach of Sihanoukville, click here. At the end of my stay I will sum up all the tips about travelling in Cambodia on an extra page.

In Siem Reap I stay one months for volunteering at the NGO Bamboo Shoots (fb page) and stay with the family of the couple who founded it. At the end of January I continue to Bangkok for an internship at a political foundation.

Want to know more?

Check my page about Cambodia for all travel tips, where to go and all videos.


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