16 great places in 2016

It has been a great year for me. I finished my bachelor in media management with a very good mark and started my worldtrip – living the dream of my life. And I reached persons like you who read and follow it. To look back on 2016 I collected 16 places Ioved from my trip far.

  1. Avatar Mountains in Zhangjiajie, China
Zhangjiajie Mountains in south China
Zhangjiajie Mountains in south China

What a feeling to walk through the film set of Avatar – these massive rocks which come out of the dust like a natural wonder have impressed me the most in China! Blog article here

2. Sitting in the Trans-Sibirian Railway

I love the Trans-Sibirian train! This was a dream of my life to do and I would do it again right away! Just sitting there, looking out in the Russian landscape, passing 7000 km and five time zones, watching the falling snow outside, walking through the train while crossing the half-frozen wagon connections, talking to Russians and learning about their special culture, babushkas who offer me food and getting to know other travellers on the way… More about it here

3. Great Wall of China

The Great Wall of China
Thousand kilometers of history

Impressive building which brings you closer to the long history of China with every step you take. More about the 4000 steps it took my mum and me to climb up and down, read here.

4. Wide steppe in Mongolia

Pure nature of Mongolia
Pure nature of Mongolia

The picture already speaks for itself but this nature in Mongolia is just special, so untouched, so far views and sunshine everyday! More of it in this blog article

5. White beaches on Koh Rong Island, Cambodia

Koh Rong

I never expected these beautiful beaches on the coast of Cambodia. This is on Koh Rong, an island in the south of Cambodia reachable by 30-min ferry ride from Sihanoukville where I recorded my first VLOG video.

6. Kayaking through Halong Bay, Vietnam

Kayaking in Halong Bay
Kayaking in Halong Bay

This beautiful bay I visited just at the beginning of my Vietnam trip. And yes, it is touristic but still beautiful! I had a great group with some more solo-traveller girls like Lorna from London. To watch all the nice rock formations was a great experience. We also visited a cave, read more here.

 7. Baikal Lake, Russia

Olchon Island, Baikal Lake, Irkutsk, Russia

Standing on the edge of the an island in the deepest lake in the world – the Baikal Lake. Clear water, red rocks and beautiful coloured leaves of the tree in autumn. This place just impressed me a lot and keeps in my memory! Here you get to the blog article.

8. Living with Mongolian nomad families in a Jurte

Our first nomadic Family with our German-speaking tour guide on the left
Our first nomadic Family with our German-speaking tour guide on the left

Not only the nature is special in Mongolia, the people and their culture is unique. Included in our tour were four nights in traditional Jurts (nomadic tents). The best part was the exchange of culture, cooking dinner together, playing cards and enjoying the moments of realising how various our world is. More in this blog article

9. Skyline of Hong Kong

Impressive and never-ending skyline of Hong Kong
Impressive and never-ending skyline of Hong Kong

Longest skyline I have ever seen in my life! Hong Kong is a special place because it is still seperated from China ( Facebook works again – yay!) and so crowded, especially on the weekends when all rich Chinese come from the mainland for shopping. I met great people from Couchsurfing there and had an awesome party night after travelling four weeks with my mum 😉

10. Boat tour through Tra Su Mangrove Forest, Vietnam

…wearing the typical Vietnamese hat!

This amazing magrove forest expected me and my travel buddy from Australia, Evie, for that time in Chau Doc, South Vietnam. It is in the area of the Mekong Delta where we did a boat trip to the floating markets as well. But driving through this green forest felt so much closer to the nature and the best part was that a Vietnamese family invited us for party and dinner afterwards! Everything about south Vietnam, read here.

11. Koulen Waterfall near Siem Reap, Cambodia

Phnom Koulen Waterfall
Phnom Koulen Waterfall

Great waterfall with swimming pool on the bottom in the north of Cambodia, just 50 km from Siem Reap. Absolutely one of the most amazing things in Cambodia! And being there with friends and car makes it even more fun – watch my VLOG for more about this country and my volunteer service

12. Terracotta Army in Xi’an, China

Terracotta warriors, found in 1974
Terracotta warriors

What an impressive historical monument right after seeing the Great Wall of China! The fact that there were just found 30 years ago and actually built 2000 years ago seems to be a miracle. The terracotta soldiers you can see 30 km out of Xi’an in central China – interesting old city with a city wall to ride bikes on, have great memories with my mum there… To the blog article

13. Driving quad on sand dunes of Mui Ne, Vietnam

Coolest thing I have done in Vietnam: QUAD in the dunes
Coolest thing I have done in Vietnam: QUAD in the dunes

Pure adrenalin in my venes – with a guy from Malaysia I rented a quad for half an hour to drive around the giant sand dunes of Mui Ne in south Vietnam. My GIF of this article is made there and the sunset was just the most beautiful scenery for the end of the day.

14. Pandas in Chengdu, China

Cute pandas cuddeling
Cute pandas cuddeling

These super cute creations I saw in Chengdu (southwest China, not far from Tibet) and they just entertained me with their funny games, especially this mom with her child. More about in this blog post

15. All the great food markets in Asia

Great choice of tropical fruits like the pink dragon fruit!
Great choice of tropical fruits like the pink dragon fruit!

I love street food and honestly it is the best for your stomach, too, because it is local food. I love to explore all the different kind of delicates of other countries – began  with the different dumplings in Russia and Mongolia, went on to different (for me NOT different) noodle soups in China and arrived in the country with most delicious food – Vietnam. With a variety of herbs, vegetables and fruits this is my favorite country for street food!

16. Yangzte River with mummy

From Chongqing to Yichang: Thank you, Mami

The last place and the biggest thank you goes to my mum because the time we travelled together in November will always be a memory in my heart. As well, I want to thank you for this awesome pre-christmas present: a cruise on the gorgeous Yangtze River in China! You always support me and are there for me. DANKE MAMA 🙂



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