Missing Berlin

I just listen to some electro music on Spotify (“beats to think to“) and this is so much reminding me of the crazy nights of clubbing in Berlin, my home town. These beats. This feeling. These memories. After 125 days of travelling I begin a little bit to miss this city. I have all my friends there, my mum and my routine life. But travelling is about leaving the comfort zone, exploring new areas, exploring new parts of you. That is – next to all the new things I learn about cultures and countries – the one important thing: to learn more about myself, learn what I want from life and also learn want I don’t want.

Even the internet says I should go to Berlin

At the moment I am just doing an internship at the Hanns Seidel Foundation in Thailand. It is the German foundation I got a scholarship from in my bachelor studies and I was always interested in these structures of a foundation. How does it work? How is the cooperation with other partners? How do they get financed? Through this internship I get an impression of political development work in a foreign country. Before that I did volunteering in Cambodia and lived together with the family of the NGO manager in Siem Reap which was really nice. But as soon as I moved to Bangkok I realised that I missed the big city life. Siem Reap is the third biggest town in Cambodia but has only 200.000 inhabitants and as soon as you are out of the city (how I was in the schools of the NGO), you are in the countryside. In Bangkok I live in a hostel – this is my experience for the next two months and I will let you follow in my next VLOG about is and answer all the question in regard of the internship. Coming back to the point of finding to yourself through travels, I found out that I am a city person and that I like the idea of living in a big city (like BERLIN) or my life also with kids and family. In my opinion a city has so much to offer and it never gets boring. Although some people might say that it is dirty and not close to the nature – of course living in a village is closer to the nature but actually Berlin has a lot of nature to offer as well how you can read in my post about Berlin – the city to visit.

So why do I actually miss my city? I don’t miss Germany, that’s for sure. I don’t miss the strict German attitude, the talks about money and materialism, the spirit that only success is the measurement of your life. But I miss Berlin because it has another spirit – you can be who you want to be, you can find so many different characters only by taking the metro (U-Bahn) and you can escape into another world through the awesome nightlife it offers (from Friday to Monday – of course).

On the other hand I think I maybe just wanna have what I don’t have… How it always is in life. You always think having this thing or being at this place makes your situation better but afterwards you realize how good it has been before. And then it is too late. So I think I should just enjoy my time here and actually I am doing that already. It is great to have sunshine all day long, 30 degrees when you go outside and friendly work colleagues who make the office atmosphere much nicer. Additionally, I meet so many new people in the hostel and making friends with some people who live in Bangkok as well. So maybe I should just forget all the thoughts of Berlin and escape in my electro beats…


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