Finances of my worldtrip

Thumbnail_Beitrag After explaining my expenses and how I saved money for my worldtrip in my VLOG (Link to Video), I would like to show you how much I spend in each country, for each category and which my most surprisingly facts were in my calculation. I hope I answer a lot of questions because I often get asked things about the topic of budget and finances. If you have more questions, don’t hesitate to comment or write an e-mail here.

How much did I spend in each country?

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Country Expenses Days Expenses/Day
Russia 676,00 € 18 38,00 €
Mongolia 1.040,00 € 8 130,00 €
China 1.063,00 € 27 39,00 €
Vietnam 517,00 € 15 35,00 €
Cambodia 547,00 € 40 14,00 €
Thailand 1.255,00 € 69 18,00 €
Malaysia 285,00 € 11 26,00 €
Singapore 61,00 € 2 30,50 €
Indonesia 774,00 € 19 41,00 €
Australia 1.307,00 € 29 45,00 €
Vanuatu 1.166,00 € 15 78,00 €
Hawaii 1.387,00 € 13 107,00 €
Canada 1.636,00 € 15 109,00 €
TOTAL: 11.714 € 281 Ø 42,00€

It is interesting to see that I spend much less in all the Asian countries than in the pacific and north-american countries. Nevertheless Mongolia stands out of this generalization with the highest amount of expenses per day with 130 €. That is because I booked a tour with my mum in the off-season (after mid of October), so we were alone only the both of us with a driver and a tour guide for 8 days. Besides, the tour was guided in German. The English tours are much cheaper, sometimes half-price but I couldn’t do that because the English of my mum is good enough. But all in all we had a super great experience with individual wishes and translation, read about Mongolia here.

After Mongolia, Canada was the most expensive country per day with 109€, thirdly Hawaii with 107€. That is because of the flights to these destinations and my flight home to Germany from Montréal are included in this amount. Another quite expensive destination was Vanuatu although I stayed with a friend for a week. Here I have to add that I lost 180€ out of nothing and I gave a lot of presents to my friends there.

The cheapest country for me were Cambodia and Thailand because I stayed longer there for working, so I had income to reduce my daily costs. Suprisingly cheap I found Russia because I stayed in hostels for 5€/night and ate yummy stuff for 2 or 3€. In Singapore I could save a lot because I did Couchsurfing the two nights, so I only spent 30€ a day. In Australia I could save a lot, too, because I slept two weeks in a campervan of a friend he gave me for free and I stayed with friends in Sydney and Tasmania.

How much did I spent for transport, food, accomodation etc.?

To explain this chart a bit more: flights include all the 17 flights I did in nine months, I tried to use on-land-transport as much as possible which comes together in the sum of “transport”. These were trips like the transsibirian train from Moscow to Beijing (450€), buses from Vietnam to Cambodia or ferry ride from Thailand to Malaysia as well as city transport like taxis, public buses or motorcycle rents.

Accomodation sums up all the bills for hostels, hotels and camp sites. Food includes all food I spend seperatly for myself every day. That does not include food which was included in the hostel price or on a tour. Tours, souvenirs and entrance fees for attrations like the Chinese Wall are summed up in the fifth category. In “other” I counted all stuff like presents I bought for couchsurfing hosts or things like a bill of a mechanic for some reparation of a van I used.

How long did I travel?

My worldtrip lasted for more than nine months – 281 days in which I slept in more than 100 beds. I did this trip between my bachelor and master studies with 22 years.

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