VLOG #17 – Vanuatu Island Life on Epi

On my 9-months-worldtrip I spent two weeks in Vanuatu to visit friends I met in 2013 on a farm in Australia (because people from Vanuatu often come there to work). In this video I take you to the island of Epi which is one of the eight main islands and show you how people live there. I felt in another world on Epi and this experience changed my view to the world.

On one hand it is a paradise but on the other it is a hard life, too. People harvast their own food, go fishing and garding to feed their family. Everything else has to be imported for high costs. But the people are so happy with the little things they have and live completely independent. Read more in this blog article.

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Vanuatu VLOG Part 2 will be about hiking the volcano on Ambrym Island

Music by: Anoop H – The Sound in the Corner
Free Music – Calming Music
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