VLOG #18 – Volcano Hike on Ambrym Island, Vanuatu

On Ambrym Island I hiked one of the only volcanoes in the world where you can see red lava: BENBOW volcano. In my second part of my travel vlogs about Vanuatu, you will see how to hike up the 1300m high volcano.

There are agencies who organise tours to hike from the east point (see map in video) but I hiked with locals which are my friends. After a 5 hours hike from port vatu (south side village, nearest airport: craig cove, ambrym), we stayed overnight in a free camp near the crater. From there it is another 2 hours hike to the first crater which you have to hike down (quite dangerous, only accessible with clear weather). In the second crater you can see the red lava from the active volcano.

You can also hike the volcano up and down in one day but you have to be very trained. Take enough drinking water, no supplies up there. It gets down to 5 degrees in the night. The other volcano where you can see the dust coming up is MARUM volcano. The zone was closed due to dangerous activities in Mai 2017.
Afterwards I took the plane from Craig Cove to Port Vila, capital of Vanuatu and did a Efate island tour before flying back to Sydney.

Detailled blog post about this inspiring country you find here.


One girl. One backpacker. Once around the world.

Music by: Anoop H – The Sound in the Corner
Electric Joy Ride – The Journey
All licensed under Creative Commons (CC)

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